| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Information Minister Kordahi denies charges of hostility against Saudi Arabia

In the wake of his recent statements on an al-Jazeera-affiliated talk show, Minister of Information George Kordahi dismissed charges of hostility against Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

“The controversial episode was broadcasted on August 5, just a few weeks before my appointment as Minister,” Kordahi explained.

“The stances I took on Syria, Palestine, and the Arab Gulf during that era were my own opinions, and they do not bind the government,” he continued.

“I am dedicated to the government’s policy as a minister,” Kordahi confirmed.

Kordahi made these remarks during his participation in a meeting for the National Audiovisual Council at the Ministry of Information.

He said that “those who defend the freedom of expression and press were the first to attack me.” “Ever since my appointment as minister, they have been trying to depict me as seeking to suppress media.”

“Nobody should dictate to us what we need to do in terms of keeping a minister in the government or not,” he underlined.

“If a minister requires my resignation, I tell him I am part of an entire government and I cannot take this decision by myself,” he went on to say.

“I am against inter-Arab wars. What I said about Yemen emanates from my friendship with those countries. I refuse to be accused of enmity towards Saudi Arabia,” he maintained.

  • NNA