| 2 October 2023, Monday |

Intensity of clashes decreases inside Ain El-Hilweh camp

Clashes decreased in intensity inside the Ain El-Hilweh camp this evening, after climaxing throughout the day, as the camp currently witnesses intermittent clashes after the “Muslim Youth” issued a statement requesting a ceasefire.

The director of Al-Hamshari Hospital in Sidon and member of the leadership of the Fatah movement, Riyad Aboul-Enein, indicated that “it would have been better for the ‘Muslim Youth’ to hasten the hand over of the killers of Brigadier General Abu Ashraf Al-Armouchi and his companions, and to implement the decisions of the Palestian embassy meeting in order to end clashes and stabilize the ceasefire.”

He added that “the Fatah movement is committed to the ceasefire decision, but every time we work to implement it, our members are surprised by an attack and shooting, which forces a response to the source of fire, thus igniting the clashes axes once again.”

Aboul-Enein also indicated that the death toll of the clashes since they broke out reached 5 dead persons and 52 wounded, adding that there are seven points for the hospital’s medical teams deployed at the axes of the clashes inside the camp, who are working to transport the wounded and treat minor cases at field.


  • MTV Lebanon