| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

International Women’s Day: authorities fail to address women’s rights

The head of “Jensiyati Karamati” (My Nationality is My Dignity) campaign, Mustafa Al-Shaar, announced in a statement his rejection of “the farce of International Women’s Day in Lebanon, in light of the failure of the ruling authority to respond to any demand for women’s rights, especially their constitutional right to grant their nationality.”

He said: “I will respond with facts to anyone who tempts himself to claim that he is with women’s rights and in fact refuses to provide the least possible facilities to give her and her family a better life.”

He believed that “the ruling authority goes too far and underestimates the minds of male and female citizens by raising human rights slogans, while a woman married to a foreigner suffers both, especially if she wants to renew the residence of her children, knowing that she is neither fat nor hungry.

He asked: “Why is the period of residence three years? Will the mother change after this period? Where is the right of this mother to pass on her nationality to her children, as stipulated in the constitution?

He concluded: “Do not push us not to renew residency permits and to violate the law that insults the dignity of Lebanese mothers and their families.”

  • Sawt Beirut International