| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Iran stipulates a governmental request to send fuel to Lebanon.

Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian stipulated a government request, for sending fuel to Lebanon and selling it.

On the other hand, Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Javad Ferozania, announced via a television interview that the Iranian fuel ship bound for Lebanon will arrive soon, pointing out that “this operation showed that Tehran will not allow the policy of sanctions and the US blockade to be achieved.”

The Iranian ambassador stressed, “We will not allow the policy of people’s starvation, and the American policy of siege and illegal unjust sanctions, and we will not allow any regional and international party to prevent the transfer of fuel, as there are other ships on the way.”

He added, “We have proposed on the Lebanese government, the solving of electricity problem at different stages, noting that Iranian companies  have already been involved in electricity and infrastructure works in Lebanon, after the July 2006 war.”

The Iranian ambassador concluded by saying, “We hope that it will open the way for Iranian medicines given the difficult conditions of hospitals in Lebanon and the people’s need for medicine,” noting that Tehran “has also announced its willingness to help the Lebanese army, but it seems that a concerned party is preventing the Lebanese government from accepting these proposals.”