| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Is food security at stake in Lebanon?

The head of the Syndicate of Food Importers Hani Bohsali assured that food security in Lebanon has not reached the stage of danger so far, and that the stock is enough for about a month and a half. However he noted that it cannot be said that we are safe if we do not find alternative import markets for Ukraine.

In a radio interview, Bohsali stressed the need to protect food security by providing alternatives to Ukraine as an initial stage, and importing materials with acceptable prices that suit the purchasing power of the Lebanese. He revealed that communication with a number of countries has started.

Regarding the soaring prices, Bohsali explained that the crisis and tis repercussions affected the Lebanese market severely, stressing the need to understand this rise because the alternative sources for Ukraine either refrained from supplying the required commodities or were offered at exorbitant prices.

In a related context, Bohsali warned that the ships on the coast awaiting funds from the Central Bank to unload their cargoes may leave the Lebanese shores due to the offers provided to them at huge prices in relation to the current crisis that is pushing most of the country to secure its needs.

  • Sawt Beirut International