| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

“ISIS” in Bourj Hammoud… Mayor clarifies

People were terrified and social media sites were flooded, with a video clip showing a group of “terrorist organization, ISIS” members, in a streets in Burj Hammoud area, while a convoy of four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with machine guns flying the black flags of militants appeared.

Also in the scene, a group of veiled women appeared in black, while the phrases such as “Islamic Police” and “Kandahar Municipality” were written on the four-wheel drive vehicles.
Also cars of the “ISIS police” appeared, which carried people who waved ISIS flags, and a large banner written on it “the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.”
A person said in one of the videos, “We are in Bourj Hammoud, at the railway intersection, look what is happening now, ISIS is here.”
These videos caused confusion, but there is no cause for concern, according to a high-ranking security source who said in a statement to “Sky News Arabia” that there is no presence of ISIS i “Burj Hammoud” area.

The source explained that the whole matter is related to filming scenes of a series or movie in the region.
In a report to “Sky News Arabia” website, the mayor of Bourj Hammoud, Mardec Boghsian, confirmed that it is “a matter of filming a television series for the “Al-Sabah” company, which obtained all the security and municipal licenses to film these scenes.”

And private information to “Sky News Arabia”, from the president of the Al-Sabah Production Company, revealed that the series bears the title “Bitlouh al Rouh”, which is a joint work between a group of Egyptian and Lebanese actors, such as the Lebanese actor Adel Karam and the Egyptian actress Mona Shalaby, the series will address the atrocities of the terrorist organization ISIS on the ground, through a huge artwork.
Al-Sabah revealed, through the mayor of Bourj Hammoud, to “Sky News Arabia”, that the series will be filmed in several regions in Lebanon; Including the Armenian neighborhood in the Burj Hammoud area east of Beirut and in other areas of the city of Baalbek in the Lebanese Bekaa, as well as in the Armenian neighborhood within the Mar Mkhael area east of Beirut.

  • Sawt Beirut International