| 2 December 2022, Friday |

Israel threatens war … “We will bomb Lebanon in an unprecedented way!”

The Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, warned of the possibility of a war with Lebanon, pointing out that “the upcoming tension with Lebanon will witness unprecedented bombing, and this is something we expect will be very large.”

Kochavi threatened “a massive and destructive bombardment if there was a war with Lebanon,” and continued his warning: “My message to the Lebanese is that we will allow them to leave immediately, and we will give them a warning before leaving.”

Kochavi added: “The biggest message to them is that we advise them to leave before we fire the first shot at the moment of the coming tension in the places from which we will ask them to leave, because the bombing will be like never before.”

Kohavi stated that the army is dealing with what he described as “six battlefronts in six dimensions and in the face of a large number of diverse threats.”

Kochavi indicated that the “most dangerous” of these threats “is represented by a potential nuclear threat in the third circle, and the threat of missiles and missiles from all fronts and dimensions that the enemy has developed.”

He continued, “Every target associated with missiles and rockets will be targeted in the next war. A house in which there is a shell, or near a shell, or an activist who deals with a rocket, or a command headquarters that deals with a shell, or electricity connected to a group of rockets… All of this network will be hit on the day of the war.”

Regarding the “next war” in Lebanon, as he put it, Khafafi commented: “We have crystallized thousands of targets that will be destroyed in the enemy’s missile and missile system.”

He stressed that “all the targets are included in an attack plan to target the command headquarters, rocket-propelled grenades, launchers, and more of these targets. All of this will be hit in the state of Lebanon.”

It is noteworthy that the northern border of Israel has witnessed a state of general calm since the war between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in 2006.

Last April witnessed an escalation on the Lebanese-Israeli borders, which was represented by heavy Israeli artillery shelling of sites in southern Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International