| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Israeli official warns Hezbollah: Evacuate camps, or will bomb them ourselves!

The Israeli website “Walla” reported that senior Israeli and American officials stated that the United States, at Israel’s request, sent strong messages to the Lebanese government, the Lebanese army, and UNIFIL regarding the tents located on the border.

An Israeli official explained to the website, “We prefer that Hezbollah evacuates the people on their own rather than us bombing them. We have made that clear to the United States, and the Americans have conveyed it to the people in Lebanon.”

Four high-ranking Israeli and American officials mentioned that “the United States is pressuring the Lebanese government and the Lebanese army to take steps to dismantle the tents that Hezbollah set up over two months ago near the southern border.”
In a related context, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a new threat against Iran on Thursday, accusing it of “opening terrorist fronts.”

In a statement, Netanyahu said that his government is constantly working to thwart Iran’s attempts to open “terrorist fronts” against Israel, noting that these fronts exist in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank.

  • Sawt Beirut International