| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Italian Embassy inaugurates an Italian Library at the Center for Languages and Translation

The Ambassador of Italy to Lebanon, Nicoletta Bombardiere, in cooperation with the Director of the Center for Languages and Translation, Dr. Rabih Machaalany, inaugurated on Wednesday the Italian Library.

The library is a donation from the Italian Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, at the Center for Languages and Translation. The ceremony took place in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the Lebanese University, Dr. Ahmad Rahab, of the Director of the Institute of Culture in Lebanon, Monica Zecca, of the Italian Lecturer at the Lebanese University, Caterina Carlini , and numerous students of the Italian languageclasses.

The Italian Library constitutes a prestigious award that the Italian Ministry of Culture has decided to assign this year to the Center for Languages and Translation, being a prominent institution in the field of the dissemination of the Italian language. There are about 550 volumes on various themes, from literature to history and various arts, from geography and landscape to archeology, and from gastronomy tocinema, including also 34 DVDs of Italian cinema masterpieces. A real journey into the Italian culture world, through the works of the greatest classical and contemporary Italian authors.

“I am sure” – underlined the Ambassador – “that every student and every teacher at the Center for Languages and Translation of the Lebanese University will now be able to find in this library a corner of Italy to explore and deepen, a source of new inspirations and new opportunities to strengthen the cultural link between our two countries

  • NNA