| 17 July 2024, Wednesday |

Job opportunities for Lebanese … training and marine jobs

In an effort to reduce unemployment and immigration, and open the door to hope for the Lebanese, International Maritime Academy (International Maritime Academy in Jounieh) signed a partnership agreement with the international shipping company CMA / CGM.

The ceremony took place at the Academy’s headquarters in Jounieh (Portemilio-Sea Road), and the Academy is the first and only of its kind licensed by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. It offers training opportunities and awards internationally recognized specialization certificates, based on courses from 3 months to three years, covering various Maritime jobs for young women and men, all the way to captaining a giant, medium or small ship.

Whereas, the international shipping company CMA / CGM offered to open multiple job opportunities on about 550 commercial ships from its fleet for the Lebanese, which opens a window to reduce unemployment and immigration and also to benefit from the connection that the company provides with the various French maritime institutes.