| 4 July 2022, Monday |

Judge Aoun: What a shame!

Judge Ghada Aoun, the Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, published a letter submitted to the French Premiership by Senator Nathalie Goulet, describing the harassment Aoun is facing in an attempt to impede her work in the battle against corruption.

Aoun said on Twitter: “I publish Goulet’s letter in which she asked the French government to explain the measures it will take to support Judge Aoun and her work for the benefit of an oppressed people. A very stark fact: the US dollar was at 38,000 Lebanese pounds. It fell within 24 hours to LBP 28,000 after I was referred to Discipline..a shame! But just as a reassurance, the one playing this vile game of the dollar peg is only giving an anesthetic and will work towards another rise in the dollar exchange rate once personal interests so dictate….Until when will the fate of the people to be controlled by the corrupt and the wicked?”


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