| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Judge Ibrahim issues a decision in regard with power ships

The Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, issued a decision in regard with power ships, stipulating the following:

“In conformity with statements of preliminary investigations conducted by the Financial Public Prosecution in addition to the letter signed by representatives of “Karadeniz”and “Karpowership Lebanon Limited” Lebanon branch- companies, which includes the aforementioned company’s duty to pay an amount of twenty five million dollars to Lebanon in the event of any brokerage, commission or corruption in the power ships’ deal, we decide the following:

1- Designating the Ministry of Finance to withhold payment of sums due in the interests of the Turkish company “Karadeniz” and “Karpowership Lebanon Limited” Lebanon branch- company until the present companies agree to returning $25 million to the Lebanese state.

2- Preventing the ships producing electricity of “Karadeniz” company from leaving the Lebanon and circulating the present decision to the public security centers, customs, internal security forces and the army in order to ensure its implementation. Such measures will be taken until “Karadeniz” and “CarPowership Lebanon Limited” Lebanon branch- companies fulfill their commitments, in addition to informing the Ministry of Energy and Water, the Electricity of Lebanon, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Ministry of Defense.

3- Circulating an investigative inquiry declaration against companies’ owner(s).

4- Defaulting on paying the guarantee deposited by “Karadeniz” company at the Ministry of Energy and Water or any other official department, and informing the Ministries of Finance, Energy and Water about the herein mentioned.

  • Sawt Beirut International