| 29 September 2021, Wednesday |

Judge Sader to SBI: “ Suggested laws to lift immunities, populist”

The war of proposed laws to lift immunities, that is hovering everywhere in order to ease the tension towards the political class, who are playing all kinds of tricks to avoid appearing before the judicial investigator in the case of the bombing of the port, Tariq Al-Bitar. Some resorted to press conferences to announce that they have nothing to do with it, others declared that they had no idea about how dangerous those materials were, but this all does not justify their failure to appear before the judicial investigator. And as conviction can only be done through documents, then there is “no need to panic.”

“Sawt Beirut International” surveyed the opinion of the former head of the State Consultative Council, Judge Shukri Sader, about these proposals, the extent of their seriousness and legality, and the consequences that may result, in a system where the rights of sects are used as a weapon to achieve private and strategic gains.

Sader considered that these proposals, only aim at distracting the people, because they all refuse to lift immunities, describing the proposal made by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, in which he asks to amend the constitution, as populist, pointing out that he violated the constitution, as these amendments need special assets and a firm majority, which requires the votes of two-thirds of the parliament.

Sader added that Hariri raised the ceiling knowing that two-thirds cannot be secured to try the President of the Republic, and it would have been better for him and his bloc to propose a normal law to lift immunities because it does not require all the complications that must be passed through in order to amend the constitution. Knowing that any amendment to the Taif Constitution requires a climate of stability for at least 10 years, considering that these matters cannot be brought up in this current circumstance because it may cause confrontations between the Lebanese people.

Regarding not summoning everyone that was holding a responsible position since the nitrates entered the port until the explosion occurred, he saw that the forensic investigator had a specific strategy in the summons, and that he has started with the available documents, and by listening to some who might give other names, because the comprehensiveness of the summons may push them to try to “cover up” each other.

As for the proposal of the “Free Patriotic Movement”, he considered that lifting the immunities of public sector employees is not of the same importance, especially since the minister is the one who makes all decisions regarding his ministry, and thus they are trying to reach again the “ they didn’t allow us” saying.