| 2 December 2023, Saturday |

Judges Club: Judiciary is for strong of souls, not weak ones.

The Lebanese Judges Club issued the following statement:

Once again, the political class does not hesitate to interfere in the judiciary’s work, in order to prevent it from playing its role, and exposing its evils that are almost unique in human history, and for this purpose it uses its pliant agents within the judiciary, in an attempt to suppress every judge who dared to cross the so-called red lines that it has drawn and created, such as immunities, applications, practices and illegal interpretations according to individuals, institutions and companies’ criterias under several pretexts.

The statement continued: “To these agents, we say that the judiciary was created for the strong of souls and not for the weak among them, for people who are determined to fight corruption, implement the law and achieve the right, not protect the perpetrators, cover them up and overlook their crimes. If you feel that the burden has become heavy and you are unable to withstand political pressures, then it is about time for you to step aside and leave the responsibility to those who are worthy of it.