| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Judges Club: To pass independence of judiciary’s law without postponement

The Lebanese Judges Club affirmed that the proposed law regarding the independence of the judiciary, as currently submitted to Parliament, and which will be discussed in legislative sessions today and tomorrow, does not achieve the complete independence that judges have long aspired to.

The Judges Club called on the representatives to take into account all the observations it made on the proposal ,and approve it in the same session, without opening the door for postponement, especially with regard to the judges’ right to assemble in accordance with the principles and foundations approved by international conventions and agreements, and to enable judges to elect all members of the Supreme Judicial Council through a fair voting mechanism, varies from those included in the proposal, as well as giving the Supreme Judicial Council exclusively the right to issue judicial formations, according to objective criteria without the need for a decree.

The club stated: “These amendments alone will make the desired independence a tangible reality, and not just ink on paper.”