| 26 January 2023, Thursday |

Jumblatt: ” “lifting subsidy is inevitable, fuel stolen to Syria.”

Head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, stressed that “lifting subsidy is inevitable, because diesel and gasoline, the bulk of them, are stolen to Syria.”

He stressed “the importance of the financing card, which the sooner it is issued, the less burdens the citizen will have after reviewing the needy families.”

Jumblatt added in a press conference: “Hundreds of millions of aid have come to Lebanon since the explosion of Beirut port, and when the Lebanese army took over distributing this aid, we received a share, but since then we have no idea where are these aids, and specifically where is the aid of the Druze segment? So far, we don’t see anything.”

He asked, “Where is the aid that the army promised? The military establishment must be assisted with the security forces.”

When asked about Shwayya’s incident, Jumblatt wished “to confine the issue to the Arab resistance Shwayya Hasbaya region,” adding: “We do not want to be caught in the midst of bidding and no one bids on us, as we manage our affairs by ourselves.”

Stressing that “the issue is dealt with in a calm manner internally, taking into account that the issue of firing rockets from villages is not desirable, and at the same time accusations of employment are not desirable, we are dealing with the issue with the army, and blocking roads anywhere is a strategic mistake.”

He added, “The hatred of some groups has reached the point of wishing us death, and our stance on the port explosion has not and will not be coordinated with any parliamentary bloc.”

Regarding the governmental issue, Jumblatt said: “I tasked Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati with choosing the appropriate ministry for the segment that we represent.