| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Jumblatt says, current stage is delicate, will be more difficult

Progressive Socialist Party Chief, Walid Jumblatt, described the current stage in the country as “delicate” and “seems to be increasingly difficult.”

His words came during his visit today to the “Irfan Foundation” in the area of al-Semqanieh in the Chouf, in the presence of the Foundation’s administrative and educational senior staff and family members.

Jumblatt promised to place all his party’s capabilities in the service of the Foundation, calling on its cadre to remain steadfast amidst the prevailing hardships.

“In previous years, we succeeded in rising up to the challenge, and we will succeed despite the upcoming dire conditions…and we will see what may come from the international community. I do recall when I recently visited with the French Ambassador, Emmanuel Bonn, the Foundation…We will knock on the doors of supporters and friends, and the aid that comes to Lebanon is significant, but, as you know, sectarianism is rampant. We have to knock on the doors of our well-known ambassadors, invite them here to see the accomplishment and this educational, monotheistic and moral edifice, and we shall continue,” pledged Jumblatt.

“Do not fear the future, for I am with you,” he concluded.

  • NNA