| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Jumblatt says ‘Hezbollah’ strongly responsible, one way or another, for what is happening’

Progressive Socialist Party Chief, Walid Jumblatt, said Sunday that Hezbollah is greatly to blame, one way or the other, for what is happening in Lebanon.

In an interview with the Saudi newspaper “Al-Bilad”, he said, “Hezbollah, or Iran in the end, directly and through Hezbollah and its allies at home, took Lebanon to a different position, which contradicts with the essence of its existence and its original concept…Unfortunately, Lebanon has become completely opposite to Arabism and outside its space, but this is the regional reality today and it will not last.”

Commenting on the decisions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states, Jumblatt said that they are “rightful reactions to Lebanon’s entry into a non-Arab axis,” adding, “Unfortunately, Lebanon was plunged through the ambiguous speeches and actions of some politicians who are loyal to Iran into a non-Arab axis, thus compulsively forcing the Arabs to impose the siege on Lebanon.”

“There is a group that is loyal to Iran, but this group does not include all the Lebanese, for the majority is not affiliated to Iran, so I hope the Saudi Kingdom and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council would understand this situation,” Jumblatt underlined.

At the governmental level, the PSP Chief stressed the “need to begin with reform according to the program and agenda set and supervised by international institutions, particularly the International Monetary Fund, and the first step must be that the cabinet convenes.” He expressed fear that the country would slip into the unknown, and that Lebanon would head towards further economic, political, social and daily-living deterioration; hence, Jumblatt reiterated the need to allow the cabinet to convene to tend to the many issues at stake.

  • NNA