| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Karaki: Around 46 billion Lebanese pounds advances to hospitals and doctors

The Director General of the National Social Security Fund, Mohamed Karaki, issued the following statement:

“In light of the difficult financial and economic crisis, the country is going through, few public institutions and administrations have been able to maintain their commitments towards the parties they deal with, foremost of which is the National Social Security Fund, which has shown great credibility and seriousness towards the health sector in general, and hospitalization one in particular, through the monthly advances financial payments it pays to hospitals, which the latter considered a necessity in order to ensure the security of workers’ salaries and the payment of dues.”
Accordingly, the Director General of Insurance issued a decision on 24-22-2021 bearing No. 709, according to which, it was decided to grant the hospitals contracting with it, financial advances for the month of November 2021, amounting to about 46 billion Lebanese pounds. It will be distributed among hospitals and doctors, and these sums will be transferred to the accounts of hospitals and medical committees in the next few days.”