| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Karaki files a lawsuit against fictitious companies, employees before Financial Public Prosecutor’s Department

The Public Relations Directorate of the National Social Security Fund announced in a statement, “As part of its follow-up on companies and institutions, we are committed to applying the provisions of the Social Security Law. Whereas, within the framework of the campaign that the Fund is conducting to prosecute fictitious companies and employees, and in conformity with an order issued by the Director General of the National Social Security Fund, Dr. Mhammad Karaki, to the Directorate of Inspection and Control in the Fund, stipulating to conduct necessary investigations and verify the validity and seriousness of the activity and the use of actual procedures in some institutions and companies. Therefore, on September 1, 2021, Dr. Karaki filed a awsuit before the Financial Public Prosecutor’s Department in Beirut against 6 companies and fictitious employees, and demanded the refund of the amounts paid to them unlawfully.

The statement revealed the names of these companies, as follows:

The name of the defendant, the case number
Trans Orient Contracting Company – Ali Ahmed Diab and the fictitious employees 3610/ 2021
Mrs. Nahla Ahmed Kassab, owner of Al-Muftah Corporation for General Trading – Mhammad Ramez Jaber

Chehadeh Brothers Company 24 DELIVERY – Mhammad Ramez Jaber and any further individual revealed by investigations 3612/ 2021

PROTEC LLC – Charbel Samir Farah and the fictitious employees3613/ 2021

BASIC SERVICE LLC – Roula Joseph Abi Karam and the fictitious employees 3614/ 2021

WHITE CLEAN Company – Kassem Mhammad Al Shab and the fictitious employees 3615/ 2021″.

Karaki “warned everyone who was tempted to take unfair advantage of the fund’s donations that he would take all necessary measures and procedures to prosecute them, reclaim the money paid unlawfully, and punish them when required,” the statement revealed.

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