| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Karaki: Linking pharmacies electronically to “Social Security” enhances automation work

The Director General of the National Social Security Fund, Muhammad Karaki, held a meeting with the specialized committee to study a project to link pharmacies electronically to the National Social Security Fund.

The meeting agreed on “the necessity of holding a quick meeting next week with the company that offers the fund the electronic connection process, and with the IDS company, which has previously developed most of the programs operating in the fund, to agree on the most prominent procedures, logistical steps, and financial and material costs necessary to put this project into practice.”

Karaki considered that “the project to link pharmacies electronically to the fund is a step forward that enhances the work of automation,” stressing “the need for digital transformation, and the promotion of mechanization in the fund, due to its positive repercussions on the course of work, as well as on those dealing with insurance, in addition to the importance of keeping pace with modernity through accreditation on information and communication technology.

Source: National News Agency


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