| 28 November 2022, Monday |

Karaky: 6 additional laboratories to conduct Covid-19 test

The Director General of the National Social Security Fund, Muhammad Karaki, issued information memorandum No. 667 on May 12, 2021, according to which he decided to add 6 new laboratories, bringing the total number of laboratories accepted to date, 115.

The new laboratories that have been added are the following:

The medical laboratory at Marjayoun Governmental Hospital.

The medical laboratory at Abu Jaoudeh Hospital.

The medical laboratory at Sayyidat AL-Salam Hospital for the Antonine Sisters Kobayat – Akkar.

The medical laboratory of the International Mona Lisa Company for Medical Services S.A.L. Chtaura Hospital.

Delta laboratories – Tyre

– Dr. Shalala’s laboratory – Ghazir.

And that “after all the health, social, financial and economic crises the whole world has suffered due to the spread of covid-19 epidemic, and after scientists succeeded in developing vaccines that proved their effectiveness and enabled people to gradually return to their daily lives, and here it should be noted that the administration of the National Social Security Fund made an exceptional effort in cooperation with The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Labor, in order to secure the vaccine to whoever wish to obtain it. However, this hopeful development  does not negate the constant need for awareness and caution and  commitment to the utmost degree of prevention.

Likewise, the need to conduct laboratory tests to detect the epidemic, and thus the necessity of spreading a greater number of laboratories over a wider area of ​​Lebanese territories to include all regions.

Accordingly, in addition to the information note No. 632 of March 11, 2020, and its modifications related to  laboratory diagnosis of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), according to which acceptable hospitals and laboratories were determined and the mechanism for conducting this examination, and in addition to the successive notes to which new laboratories were added to examine Corona, according to what was stated in the Public Relations Directorate of the Social Security Fund statement.

Karaki stresses that all hospitals and laboratories contracting with the Fund must adhere to the new covid-19 examination tariff, which has set a maximum limit of 100 thousand LBP, hoping that those concerned will abide by what was stipulated in the contracts concluded with the Fund.”