| 2 August 2021, Monday |

Karami after meeting with Tripoli’s dignitaries: We declare an economic and social state of emergency

An emergency meeting was held at Dignity Movement Chief, MP Faisal Karami’s Tripoli residence today, devoted to studying ways to confront the economic, social and daily-living crises that the people of Tripoli and Fayhaa cities are enduring.

The meeting was attended by prominent dignitaries and officials from the region, at the end of which a statement was read out by MP Karami in which he declared an “economic and social state of emergency”, stressing that “the key to the solution is a new government.”

“The conferees affirmed in this context that the key to getting out of these crises is to immediately form a new government,” Karami said, adding that “the first and last bet remains on the state and its institutions, especially the Lebanese army and the security apparatuses that constitute the safety valve and the last guarantee to social stability in the country.”

The conferees agreed to keep their meetings open and to monitor and keep pace with the developments in order to take all possible measures to confront them.