| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Khalaf to Lawyers: To work for the departure of the judicial political security system to restore the state

Head of the Beirut Bar Association, Attorney Melhem Khalaf, called on lawyers to “work for the departure of the judicial-political-security system, so as to restore the state.”

In an issued statement this evening, Khalaf deplored the prevailing situation in the country and the narrow private interests that result in utter corruption, considering that there are no solutions, but only lethal settlements at the expense of people’s rights.

“Where is the Supreme Judicial Council? Does its failure to carry out its duties save the judiciary? Where is the Judicial Inspection Authority? Does its absence from performing its role purify the judiciary?” questioned Khalaf regretfully.

He added: “Today, there is no longer any value for any of the conflicting positions or political views, or for any imaginary heroism.”

Khalaf affirmed that “the rule of law is the basis of ethics,” deeming what is currently taking place against the Lebanese people as being “the height of injustice”, stressing that the lawyers will not be silent towards the assassination of justice nor will they stand as false witnesses.

He concluded by urging his fellow attorneys to remain committed to their values, morals and oath, and to rallying around their Syndicate to play its usual pioneering role, taking the appropriate decisions, stances and the necessary accountability to save the law, the judiciary, the people and the homeland.

  • NNA