| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Khreiss says, “racist discourse does not build a homeland”

“We will not care about the random positions that come from here and there,” said MP Ali Khreiss today, regretting that “there are those who want to divide the country and seek to break up Lebanon.”

He added: “Racist discourse does not build a nation nor does it yield solutions to the crises in Lebanon, which is being subjected to a financial and economic blockade to pressure it to abandon the headlines of its pride, strength and resistance to Israeli aggression.”

Khreiss reiterated herein that “the Imam al-Sadr school, teachings and approach are the guarantee for building the nation on the basis of unity and coexistence.”

The MP’s words came during his participation in a commemoration event organized by “Amal Movement” in the town of Baissarieh earlier today.

  • NNA