| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

Kuwait explains visa issue

Kuwait has recently added two nationalities to a list of nations whose nationals are subject to stringent visa-granting and even denial procedures.

According to an AFP security source, Kuwaiti authorities decided to “toughen up” on providing visas to Lebanese citizens without releasing an official circular to that effect.

According to “Al-Qabas” newspaper, the residency affairs offices in the six governorates got a “verbal instruction” to tighten all transactions relating to Sudanese until further notice.

Th restrictions include Sudan  too

While security sources explained that the internal disturbances in Sudan are behind this measure, noting that the procedures related to the Sudanese community, “whether related to the features of visit of all kinds, family, tourism, private and commercial, and features of joining a family of various types for the wife and children or for a husband on his wife, and work visas special for the Ministry of Affairs, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, has been suspended.”

However, the aforementioned decision does not include Sudanese who have residency within the country, and they have the right to return to the country, and they can renew their residency.

The Lebanon crisis and the Hezbollah cell

In the case of Lebanon, the Kuwaiti decision came in the wake of a crisis between Beirut and the Gulf states, which resulted in the removal of ambassadors last week and the demands of Gulf nationals not to visit Lebanese land.

It also came as local media reported that the security forces were questioning 16 Kuwaitis “suspected of financing” Hezbollah.

It is worth noting that with these changes, the number of countries barred from entering Kuwait without security clearance has increased to eight, according to the newspaper, “they are Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Iranian, Afghani, and Yemeni.”

  • Sawt Beirut International