| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Kyoumijian on “Iranian tanks”: A little national dignity suffices us


Former Minister Richard Kyoumjian tweeted: “All the “good” propaganda about Iranian tanks subject to sanctions does not eliminate the state’s responsibility to secure people’s requirements, with or without subsidy, the tankers’ entry through illegal crossings, no customs, no approval from the responsible Ministry of Energy About the quality and standards, to whom will it be delivered and where will it be stored, according to what prices will it be sold?”

He added, “Where is the state of control, law and sovereignty, as if Lebanon is a loose land in the hands  of the exclusivity of arms, and the decision of war and peace and Arab international relations? Or social security, border control and prevention of smuggling? Let the party care for its people,  As for us, a little national dignity suffices us to make our bread our way, and not the Iranian way.