| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Kyumjian: “Lebanese Forces” with permission to pursue

Former Minister Richard Kyoumjian stressed that all immunities fall in front of a martyr’s one drop of blood, in front the tears, pain and despair of the afflicted. He tweeted: “The Lebanese Forces have already given the permission to pursue, and to head  immediately to the Parliament’s General to vote on lifting immunity.”

He added: “Yes to accountability, yes to justice, yes to lifting immunities now.” The tweet was accompanied by hashtag  #Beirut_port_explosion

In parallel, Chairman of the Administration and Justice Committee, Representative George Adwan, confirmed that postponing the decision of lifting immunities, according to what was said, is for them to be with additional documents to form an opinion, so that they can later recommend the lifting of immunities.

He explained through a televised intervention that the strong republic bloc’s stance regarding lifting immunity is clear, “  today, we should have issued the recommendation to lift immunity and take it to the Parliament’s  General Assembly of, and there the deputies vote for or against, and we will vote for its lifting.”