| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Labor Union: “” hasten to address the dangerous situation before the big explosion”

The General Labor Federation in Lebanon, held a meeting for the  Executive Council’s office, and issued a statement in which it called upon the economic bodies to “take a bold stance by taking the initiative to participate in the Index Committee under the title “Increasing the minimum wage, correcting the sections, and increasing all wage supplements in proportion to the skyrocketing prices of commodities fuels and medicines.”

It also called “the bodies, cartels and agency owners that are still living outside the framework of the current reality and mimic their workers on the exchange rate of the dollar 1500 L.L. He asked them to feel with the toiling classes, with the poor and those with limited income, and to immediately abandon selfishness and ivory towers and go down to the midst of people and feel their suffering, reminding them that a $30 a month, is not enough to fill a fuel tank for a car of the leaders of these bodies.

It also called for “considering workers as partners in production and in the success of institutions, and to stand with them in this economic distress that Lebanon has not witnessed in its history, in light of oppression, injustice, poverty, destitution and the inability to access the life savings that were smuggled, looted and plundered by a political and financial system that represented a hellish alliance.”

It concluded: ” hasten to address the dangerous situation before the big explosion”