| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

LAF Commander in Cheif addresses troops marking 76th Army Day Anniversary

On the 76th Army Day Anniversary,
with the following Order of the Day:

Fellow troops

On the first of August this year, Lebanon is at the threshold of the first anniversary of the fateful port blast that hit the heart of the capital and claimed 206 lives. This coincides with the most severe economic and financial crisis in recent history amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Fellow troops

Despite the successive crises that aggravate day by day, all eyes are on the military institution, which remains the point of convergence for Lebanese hopes. It has proven to be the national institution that has earned the confidence of people and the countries of the world because of your performance in all circumstances. You have showed professionalism in discharging your complex duties, quick response to any emergency, and adoption of the highest standards of transparency in dealing with files of a humanitarian and security nature. All this provides continuity for a number of vital sectors.

Do not allow anyone to exploit the poor living conditions to question your faith in your country and institution. Lebanon is entrusted to us, and under no circumstances will we allow it to plunge into chaos and lose its security and stability.

We will be facing additional challenges, stand ready to face them wisely, patiently and carefully. Do not let sedition infiltrate our homeland, and do not allow exploiters to achieve their aims. Be aware of the aspirations of our people and those of the international community, which looks at you with respect and appreciation and seeks to support and help you.

Fellow troops

Amid these exceptional missions, we keep an eye on our border to confront the Israeli enemy’s danger, which has recently stepped up its aggressiveness against Lebanon and a threatened to start a new war and to hit the model of co-existence, as well as terrorism, which is sizing up opportunities to reemerge. Stay alert to face these challenges, to which we add countering drugs, smuggling and illegal immigration.

Fellow troops

On this occasion, we remember the righteous martyrs and pay tribute to their martyrdom that protected Lebanon and its people. LAF will remain the guarantee of our homeland and the backbone of the state. We will remain faithful to our oath, no matter how rough the road, or heavy the challenges. Be not swayed by accusations or rumors. Our concern was and will be our military and their families. Our priority has been and will remain to protect and fortify the military institution.

  • NNA