| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

LARI: A decline in the atmospheric depression in terms of cold and snow

“The intensity of the atmospheric depression that will hit Lebanon has declined in terms of cold, snow and duration. Therefore, this depression will not switch into a snowstorm, but will be accompanied by heavy winds to reach 60 km/hour, and heavy rain with lightning, thunder and cold, in addition to torrents and snow that may reach 1100- or 1000 meters”, affirmed the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI) in a statement.

“As for the Bekaa region, accumulations will be on the 900 meters, and won’t be as heavy as claimed. This depression is similar to the depression Lebanon previously witnessed . On Saturday and Sunday, the weather will be stable with frost by night”, the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI) added.


  • Lebanese National News Agency