| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

Last conversation between Ansar’s victim and her father – Photo

Zakaria Safawi, the father of the victims of Ansar crime, published the last conversation he had with his daughter Manal before she was kidnapped with her two sisters and her mother earlier this month.

This conversation was via “WhatsApp” application, and went viral on social media.

Investigations into the horrific crime that shook Lebanon continues, and the army command announced yesterday evening that “a patrol of the Intelligence Directorate arrested citizen (H.F) in the town of Ansar ​​on suspicion of participating in kidnapping Basima Abbas and her daughters Rima (born in 2000) Tala (born in 2002), and Manal (born in 2006) on 3/2 2022.

A statement by the army indicated that “a series of investigations were conducted with the detainee, which led to his confession that he carried out the kidnapping with the participation of the fugitive Syrian (H.G), and that they took the kidnapped girls and their mother to a cave located outside the town, where they were murdered.”

The statement added: “After inspecting the place by a patrol from the Directorate and a team of forensic evidence in the army, the four bodies were found, and they were taken to a hospital to complete the necessary laboratory tests.”

Investigations continue to reveal the full circumstances of the crime under the supervision of the competent judiciary, and follow-up is being carried out to arrest the Syrian involved in the crime.”

The National News Agency stated that “as a result of the medical examination conducted by Doctor Ali Deeb, it was found that Ansar’s crime resulted from shooting a hunting weapon in the head, with regard to the three girls, and in the neck with regard to the mother.”

The information pointed out that “the victims of Ansar crime were hit in the head from behind, before the shooting and death occurred.”

It pointed out that “as a result of the medical examination, the hypothesis of organ trade fell.”