| 17 September 2021, Friday |

LCC on August 4 anniversary: Lebanese people are victims of corruption and organized crime

One year after the Beirut blast on August 4, 2020, groups of the October 17 revolution issued the following statement on Wednesday:

“August 4 is not only a day for mourning or grief, nor shall it become a humble souvenir… it is a day to renew the vow, the promise and the commitment that reckoning shall advent and justice shall prevail, no matter the obstacles, hegemonies or crimes.

On August 4, 2020 a disaster has occurred… an organized crime was committed against humanity, Beirut was blown up, cracking the bones of a splintered non-state. The breached sovereignty, the immoral corruption and the spoiled legitimacy have all exploded. From ashes and rubble, from the remnants of the dead bodies and spoiled blood, one could smell the mischievous intents of the accomplice and intricate regime seeking to soften the investigation, obstruct the course of justice and deepen the spiteful crime.

On August 4, we ask: who brought the tons of nitrate, why were they kept in storage, who facilitated the process or ensured cover for years, where did the largest quantity go before the explosion? Why did the nitrate not explode throughout the seven years of its storage? How was it partially transported in plain sight, who was in charge of the explosion on that horrible day?

On August 4, we condemn loud and clear any attempt to mislead and deceive the public. We incriminate the playful regime-tuned obstruction games meant to weaken the investigation and condemn the relentless efforts to diabolize whoever calls for lifting immunities. We reiterate firmly that the investigation must involve whoever is even remotely suspected to be involved in the crime. We stress that justice, in its moral, legal, comprehensive and intertwined aspects is a fundamental reason to restore justice to the victims and their parents, and ensure stability. Normal life shall only return once whoever has brought, granted access, stored, trafficked, covered, facilitated or exploded the ammonium nitrate in Beirut is unmasked, held accountable and brought before justice.

On August 4, the open wound is a crime against civil and international peace. It is an organized crime against humanity. Immunities, we stress, shall not protect the criminal, the accomplice or whoever has granted cover, or “knew” about the facts, regardless of the positions. Justice is not only a permit to prosecute as no one… NO ONE is above the law or above accountability… The trafficking and crimes thirsty regime turning a blind eye to rights, justice and the law shall not go unnoticed.

On August 4, on behalf of all the victims, persons reported missing, suffering or injured, and on behalf of every mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, daughter and son,

On behalf of the Lebanese people, we reiterate our commitment to the civil resistance to achieve the goals of the October 17 revolution namely the battle to unmask the truth and help justice prevail.

We shall neither forget nor forgive.”