| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Lebanese figures moving in the American decision-making circles and a military official in Beirut!

The Bkirki liberation movement and the call of its historical patriarch are not isolated in place and time from what is going on in Lebanon and outside of it in terms of converging aspirations and goals on the need to save the homeland before the last resounding fall that would guarantee if it happened, God forbid, to remove it from the international map according to what international officials warned Especially the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, in his famous position for months. The masses that flocked to the patriarchal edifice on Saturday are not the only ones in support of liberating Lebanon from foreign domination and holding an international conference that would return it to the path of normal states after political officials insisted on corruption and succumbing, causing its collapse. There are many Lebanese who are prevented by known circumstances from their participation. They support Bkerke’s options and see in it the final stage of salvation after all the local and foreign initiatives have fallen and no longer have a place in the Lebanese solution dictionary, and others who were thrown by the ruling system’s crimes to the countries of the world in search of a livelihood Wandered in their country, they decided to support remotely, and put their energies and relationships to serve this purpose. Informed political circles reveal to “Almarkaziyah” ,a “movement” taking place in the capitals of the decision, especially Washington, Paris, Moscow and Egypt regarding Lebanon crisis in an effort to save it, intersecting with contacts made by expatriate figures in the United States of America known for their proximity to decision centers, with a number of members of Congress explaining The dangerous situation that Lebanon has reached and the fear that it will turn into Venezuela in the Middle East very soon if the deterioration continues due to the political performance that has diverted the country from its course and its historical location

The proposals for solutions presented by these people, as part of their coordinated expatriate work among the countries of expatriate, are divided into several axes, according to what the circles make clear, including the demand for international sponsorship to help Lebanon rise and implement local legitimacy (the constitution), regional legitimacy (Taif) and international legitimacy (Security Council resolutions). The Lebanese did not apply the three Shari’ahs because they did not agree about it in the first place. Rather, they disagree over their interpretation, which led to non-compliance with it because their opinion is not unified about it.

Accordingly, the aforementioned personalities demand the Biden administration not to be lenient with Iran, which confiscates the Lebanon card through Hezbollah, which controls the entire country, to use it in nuclear negotiations, and to strictly limit it to restrain it and put an end to its expanding influence in Lebanon, and its latest manifestation is the precision missiles that the party supplied. Among his huge arsenal of weapons, under the pretext of confronting Israel and creating a state of terror with it from Lebanon Including threatening regional peace.

According to the circles, this point is the concern of Washington and the Biden administration, which seeks to establish peace in the region through a comprehensive settlement that would put an end to the chronic conflict between Israel and the Arabs, and could constitute a card in the hands of the sovereign Lebanese seeking to extract it from the clutches of Iran and the policy of the axes that it was forcibly joined. Whoever liberates Lebanon ,is its army and security apparatus, not the armed party working for the goals of the Islamic Republic, especially since Washington is well aware of this reality and seeks to support it through the military aid program for the military establishment.

In the context, the circles reveal that the commander of the US Central Command, General Kennett McKenzie, will visit Beirut this month, within the framework of periodic visits to Lebanon, to confirm the continued support for the army, explaining that the recent American strike in Syria is a clear message to those concerned with the fact that “the change of administration will not change the decision to respond forcefully against anyone who compromises Washington’s interests in the region and any attempt to undermine its stability.


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