| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

“Lebanese Forces”: Hariri’s accusations are false and his attacks on purpuse

Media Department of Lebanese Forces announced that “President Saad Hariri does not leave a media appearance unless he unjustly and falsely attacks the Lebanese Forces for reasons that have become known, and his latest attacks came in an interview he gave to Sky News Arabia yesterday, the 28th of this month, as he literally said: We are against changing the Taif Agreement, but the positions of the Christian parties from Michel Aoun to Samir Geagea, unfortunately, are to stabilize the vacuum.”

Asking, “Can Prime Minister Hariri point us to one incident that indicates that the “Lebanese forces” wants “the vacuum”? But if he means the “forces” party’s decision not to nominate anyone to head the government a year and a half ago, that’s to get rid of the existing vacuum by going to early parliamentary elections that overthrow the ruling structure that led Lebanon to the current catastrophe and tragedy, and there is no need to recall that the position of the “forces” not to be assigned is directed against the ruling system, at the forefront of which is the Covenant and Hezbollah.

Adding, “It has become very clear that Prime Minister Hariri intends, on occasion and without occasion, to falsely attribute accusations to the “Lebanese Forces.”                                                                                                                       “Fear God, and let each one of us try, from our angle, to do a positive action, to help people get out of this painful reality in which they have been placed.”

  • Sawt Beirut International