| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Lebanese Forces Party vows to file lawsuit against responsible officials

The Lebanese Forces Party’s media department issued a statement this evening, in which it responded to certain calls for the murder of Party Chief Samir Geagea by some members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party during a celebration march organized today along Beirut’s Hamra Street.

“We will file a lawsuit before the concerned authorities against those responsible for the ceremony and everyone who is proven to be involved in the explicit public call for murder before all the media and people,” the statement said.

It continued to question “how society would ever be able to rise while it encompasses individuals who act as agents, traitors, murderers, and criminals, with an ideology that has nothing to do with Lebanon, in addition to their boastful avowal of murder and terrorism?”

“Despite the Judicial Council’s ruling against members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in the assassination of the late President-elect of the Republic of Lebanon, Sheikh Bashir Gemayel, in 1982, who was a source of hope for most Lebanese, and whose assassination deprived Lebanon of the establishment of an actual state, this Party continues to boast of its terrorism, which confirms its criminal nature, and which prompts us to ask the concerned authorities to withdraw the license from said Party and to stop recognizing its existence, based on many factors, most prominently its failure to recognize Lebanon as an independent entity, and its declared, explicit and proven crime in sound and image,” the LF statement underlined.

  • NNA