| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Lebanese Forces: “state must find solutions to overcome crises”

A delegation from the “Lebanese Forces” party, visited Al-Hikma University in Furn El Chebbak to congratulate Dr. Lara Karam Al-Bustani, for being appointed as the university’s president. After the visit,  member of the Strong Republic bloc, MP Antoine Habashi said : ““the state must find solutions to overcome the country’s crises, taking into consideration that all solutions should weigh importance to the education as it started  with the private sector, so it is necessary to preserve private institutions, However, at the same time, there should not be any solution at the student’s expense.” Stressing the importance of everyone’s cooperation in the Lebanese society to secure high level of educational service to the student.

The delegation included Representatives Imad Wakim and Habashi, Party Secretary General Ghassan Yared, Assistant Secretary for Interests Affairs Nabil Abu Joudeh, Head of Communication office with Spiritual References Antoine Mourad, Head of the University Professors Department Ziad Harro, Vice President Leah Nehme and Head of Student Affairs Tony Badr.