| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Lebanese Foreign Ministry is ready to withdraw Lebanese students from Ukraine

The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken a variety of actions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Lebanese students’ call to their nation to rescue and remove them amid an increase of security difficulties in the country.

The Ministry organized a crisis cell, led by the minister, comprised of ministry professionals and Lebanon’s ambassadors in the affected countries (Ukraine and Russia) as well as other friendly nations (Poland and Romania), to share information and recommend future moves. It has established an internet connection and a hotline to register and count the number of Lebanese nationals who seek to return to Lebanon from Ukraine, on the following website:

The ministry also talks with the involved nations (Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Romania) in order to work on arranging safe crossings or departing by air as the security situation evolves.

In this context, it called the ambassadors of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Romania to address the problem with them and notify them of our official position, demanding that Lebanese citizens wanting and residing in Ukraine be allowed to leave safely.

  • Sawt Beirut International