| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Lebanese health situation in danger…Is there capacity to treat patients in hospitals?

Head of the “Lebanese Medical Social Gathering,” Raef Reda, regretted the arrival of Omicron through the airport.
He said: “This is what we warned of previously, and we call for conducting a genetic examination for the arrivals through the airport, who have been proven to have a positive PCR, and naming laboratories capable of diagnosing it.” Can the Minister of Health confirm the conduct of this examination for these? Or did he content himself with a positive PCR result and claim two suspected cases? There is no suspicious word in the language of medicine with the genetic examination of the omicron, and accordingly we link the daily increase in corona cases and deaths with the presence of some undiagnosed omicron cases, because it is rapidly spreading in seconds, and affects the vaccinators who took the two doses.
And he concluded: “The health situation is in danger, and we do not know whether we have the capacity to treat patients in hospitals, and whether the patient’s financial situation is tolerable after medicine, hospitalization and medicine have become for the rich only. The media appearances of His Excellency the Minister have become folkloric, in light of the deteriorating social health situation of a government that claims to be the rescuer, while it is the one that needs to be rescued.”