| 9 December 2023, Saturday |

Lebanese hospitals are having a difficult time acquiring some types of anesthetics

According to Al Markaziya, some hospitals are having a difficult time acquiring some types of anesthetics, since the distribution of some anesthetic medications has ceased. This puts patients and their therapists under additional stress, although psychological comfort is meant to help and speed up the healing process, without the patient having to worry about medication interruptions, in addition to the terrible expense of hospitalization.

In this context, Sleiman Haroun, the head of the Syndicate of Owners of Private Hospitals, tells Al Markaziya that he does not know why the delivery has been halted, adding that “either the drugs are not available in the agent’s warehouses in the first place, or that they refuse to deliver,” noting that “this reality threatens the hospital’s work and services.” Surgery cannot be conducted without anesthetic!!”

And if hospitals have these supplies on hand, “They are scarce in a few hospitals, and they are stored solely for emergency surgeries and are adequate for a few days, and the supply of certain hospitals has totally ran out,” Haroun responds.

  • Almarkazia