| 2 October 2023, Monday |

Lebanese Labor and Investment Council in Saudi Arabia describes Wehbeh’s statements as “a true meaning of stupidity and ingratitude”

The Lebanese Labor and Investment Council in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued the following statement:

“For every disease, one has found a cure. But how can we treat foolishness and stupidity? ”

The Council was dismayed and shocked by the statements of the Head of the Lebanese diplomacy, the Caretaker Government’s Foreign Minister, during his last TV interview on Al Hurra TV Channel. Truly, a proverb describes him: “He was silent forever and then he uttered words of disbelief. ”

The enormity of what that so-called Minister said, proved true ignorance and lack of culture and morals, for our Lebanon, which was a pioneer in the East and reserved itself a distinguished rank among the Western countries, has plunged now into corruption, thanks to his brave and wise rulers.

As for the Gulf countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, it is known for its rulers’ wisdom, dedication and solidarity, and has developed a model of progress, prosperity, modernity and success among the developed and civilized countries of the world, and welcomed the largest Lebanese community.

It is inappropriate for those responsible of Lebanon policy and the biggest Lebanese community to be reprehended, rejected and condemned, to this extent, and to utter words condemned by the whole Lebanese who are committed to their homeland and to the entire Lebanese Community.

How could this idiocy related to ingratitude cause insult to the historic fraternity and honorable positions of the Kingdom by the side of our Lebanon !!!!!!!

We, a business council for investors and businessmen of the Lebanese Community in Saudi Arabia, would kindly like to stand up and affirm: “Enough!!!!!” Know your limits, politicians, for we will not allow anyone, regardless of their position and power, to cause harm to Lebanon’s bright history of integrity, brotherhood and gratitude.

Leave your suspicious agendas, your mortgaged plans and your poisoned aims, politicians. We’re entitled to a decent life.


  • Sawt Beirut International