| 23 February 2024, Friday |

“Lebanon among France’s ‘green countries’ as pandemic recedes,” Ministry of Health says

The Ministry of Public Health announced in a statement this Friday that “France has included Lebanon to the list of green countries in its classification based on health indicators, in light of the decline in the rate of epidemic outbreaks in Lebanon, and the non-recording of dangerous mutations of the virus, knowing that the classification list featured on the official website of the French government starts with the least dangerous green countries and progresses upwards towards orange and red.”

“Accordingly, travelers from Lebanon to Paris benefit from the facilitation provided to those coming from green countries, most notably the European Union, Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore,” the statement read.

“As of the ninth of June, travelers from Lebanon to France are exempted from PCR testing, provided that they have been vaccinated. If not, they could either present a PCR result dating back at least seventy-two hours, or reveal the result of their immunity test,” it added.

  • NNA