| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Lebanon, highest Arab country in “Omicron” cases.

Health Minister Firas Abyad indicated that “the vaccine rate to confront Corona is still less than 40%, hospitals are full, and their ability to receive more patients is limited.”
He continued via an interview with Al-Jadeed TV channel: “The issue of hospitals is what determines whether we will go to general closures in the country or not.”
He explained that “Omicron is a fast-spreading mutant, which is two and a half times faster than the Delta mutant, and whoever receives 3 doses of the vaccine has the greatest protection against this mutant.”
According to a report by Russia Today, about the Arab countries that recorded the outbreak of the new mutant and the number of confirmed infections that it monitored:
Lebanon – about 60 confirmed cases
Jordan – at least seven infections
Qatar – four infections
Palestine – three infections
Sultanate of Oman – at least two infections
Morocco – at least one infection
Saudi Arabia – at least one infection
UAE – at least one infection
Algeria – at least one infection
Bahrain – At least one injury
Kuwait – at least one infection
Tunisia – at least one infection
For its part, the Egyptian health authorities announced that they had not detected any cases of “omicron” in the country so far, although a number of cases that were recorded in other countries, including the first case of “omicron” that was detected in Europe, arrived from this Arab country.