| 1 March 2024, Friday |

“Lebanon is on the edge of major health crisis,” Araji warns

Head of the Health Parliamentary Committee, MP Assem Araji, on Wednesday warned in an interview with the “Voice of All Lebanon” radio station that Lebanon was on the verge of a serious health crisis.

“We endure a difficult health situation that will worsen with time; Lebanon suffers the crisis of migrating doctors and nurses, compounded with the severe medicine shortage — including essential medicines for chronic diseases — in addition to medical supplies’ shortage in hospitals,” he warned.

Araji finally expressed belief that Lebanon’s health security was in grave danger.

“What is required today is to expedite the formation of a government that is approved by the international community and works on reforms,” he said, warning that that subsidy cards are still in a closed circle, “as there are no resources for financing it so far, despite the fact that it is being discussed at the parliament’s table.”

  • NNA