| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Lebanon weather forecast for today and upcoming days.

Lebanon is affected by hot and humid summer weather and will continue in the coming days, with a rise in temperatures between today and Monday, while light fog continues to form on the mountains near the coast.

Saturday weather details:

1- Coastal temperature on the coast ranges between 24 and 32 degrees, in Bekaa between 19 and 34 degrees, and at 1000 m between 20 and 26 degrees.
2- Atmosphere: little cloudy with formation of fog
3- Winds: Westerly, active sometimes, especially in the north and inland , at 20-50 km/h
4- Surface humidity on the coast 60-80%
5- Atmospheric pressure 1010 hpa
6- Visibility is good
7- Sea, low to average waves, and water surface temperature is 26 degrees

The weather for the upcoming days is as follows:

Sunday: a limited rise in temperatures ranging between 24 and 33 degrees on the coast, 36 degrees in Bekaa, and 30 degrees at 1000 meters. The atmosphere is little cloudy, with formation of light fog on the mountains, while the winds are westerly weak at 20-30 km / h.

Monday: an additional rise in temperatures, which range between 24 and 34 degrees on the coast, 37 degrees in Bekaa, and 31 degrees at 1000 meters, and the atmosphere is cloudy, while the winds are westerly weak at 20-30 km / h.