| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Lebanon’s ambassador to Ukraine tells SBI that the embassy is taking all necessary steps to assist Lebanese in departing

It’s as though the Lebanese are doomed to be hounded by problems and perils no matter where they go. The Lebanese are dispersed around the world. They have moved from their homeland, either to escape the tough economic conditions in which we live, or to further their education in the aim of securing their future and a decent life that their state could not provide for them, and as events and crises pursued them everywhere they went.
And now we have the Ukrainian issue, which is hurting the Lebanese, who are living in horror and worry for their lives and fate.

In the context of following up on the Ukrainian crisis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants has taken the following steps:

1- Establishing a crisis cell headed by the minister, comprising specialists in the ministry and the ambassadors of Lebanon in the concerned countries (Ukraine and Russia) and other friendly countries (Poland, Romania) to exchange information and suggest subsequent steps to be taken.
2- Creating an electronic link and a hotline to register and count the number of Lebanese nationals wishing to return from Ukraine:
3- Coordinating with the concerned countries (Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania) to secure safe passages or leave by air according to the development of the security situation.
4- Summoning the ambassadors of Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Romania to discuss the crisis with them, requesting to facilitate the safe departure of Lebanese nationals wishing and residing in Ukraine.

It was also decided to assign the Higher Relief Commission to evacuate Lebanese nationals residing in Ukraine, who have sought refuge in Poland and Romania by air, at a date to be determined later, and according to circumstances and data announced at the time, in consultation with the embassies of Lebanon in Ukraine, Poland and Romania.

Lebanon’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Ali Daher, told Sawt Beirut International that all Lebanese in Ukraine are safe, saying that they, like all other communities, are awaiting the commencement of the mass evacuation. “The number of the community is approximately 2,700 and 1,200 students, who are registered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs platform to leave, are approximately 960,” Daher explained.

He pointed out that the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it will evacuate its citizens at the expense of the Lebanese state when the security situation stabilizes, because the evacuation process requires the availability of a safe passage and coordination with some of the party states that facilitate the evacuation process completely.

He also pointed out that the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs created a platform on which a large number of Lebanese wishing to return to Lebanon were registered.

He revealed that some Lebanese take responsibility for leaving through their own means, driving to border crossings to leave to countries that allow them to enter, noting that the majority of Lebanese leave through the Polish and Romanian corridors, as our embassies in Poland and Romania are waiting for their assistance.

  • Sawt Beirut International