| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Lebanon’s Mikati addresses climate-conflict nexus at COP28, thanks UAE for support

Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati expressed his gratitude to the United Arab Emirates for their efforts in organizing and hosting the COP28 conference.

He commended the earnest work undertaken in recent months to ensure progress towards the goals set in Paris in 2015 and subsequent climate conferences.

Speaking on the urgent need to enhance Lebanon’s national resilience, particularly in regions grappling with the intersection of climate change challenges and conflict, Mikati addressed the ongoing Israeli aggression.

He highlighted the extensive climatic impact on Lebanon’s vast areas resulting from continuous hostile Israeli actions, including the use of prohibited weapons like white phosphorus.

Additionally, Mikati emphasized the severe consequences of warfare and military assaults on the environment, calling for their inclusion in international humanitarian and legal frameworks.

He pointed to the commitment made at COP28 to strengthen climate adaptation capabilities in regions facing wars, crises, and displacement.

Acknowledging the UAE’s significant contribution, Mikati underscored the importance of the $30 billion global climate solutions fund announced by the UAE President.

This fund is deemed crucial not only for mitigating direct effects, losses, and damages but also for reinforcing strategies of resilience and adaptation to climate change.

Moreover, Mikati said, “Our energy sector has suffered from successive crises, and it is necessary to revitalize it and ensure sufficient financing to modernize it and promote the transition towards clean and renewable energy sources, thus mitigating the negative effects of climate change.”

He added, “While we were deliberating on the critical aspects of global assessment, adaptation, mitigation, resilience, and financing, I appeal to all of you to overcome our differences and cooperate for the benefit of all and to ensure a better life for future generations.

“Let us emerge from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in the UAE (COP28) with concrete actions and commitments to pave the way towards a sustainable future for all,” he continued.

Furthermore, Mikati stated, “Sheikh Zayed taught us the importance and method of tolerance and living together. He built the Emirates on these roots and left indelible imprints in all fields, including what brings us together today.”

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