| 2 February 2023, Thursday |

Lebanon’s weather forecast for today and upcoming days

Volatile and sometimes rainy weather affects Lebanon with stability in temperatures as a result, and this affected Lebanon with an air depression centered over the Black Sea and continues until noon tomorrow, Wednesday, with weak effectiveness.

Today’s weather details are as follows:

1- The temperature on the coast ranges between 19 and 26 degrees, in areas between 13 and 27 degrees, and at 1000 meters between 15 and 20 degrees.
2- Atmosphere: Partly cloudy to cloudy with a chance of local rain
3- Winds: southwesterly, active especially in the north, on ropes and inland, and their speed is between 20 and 40 km/h.
4- Surface humidity recorded on the coast between 70 and 90%
5- The atmospheric pressure recorded a coast of 1005 hpa
6- Visibility is good, locally worsened by fog
7- The sea is high in waves and the temperature of the water surface is 23 degrees.

Details of the weather for the next two days are as follows:

Wednesday: Unpredictable and partly cloudy weather with a slight chance of rain showers, especially on the northern mountains, after which the weather will gradually turn to stable. As for the temperatures, they range between 19 and 27 degrees on the coast, 13 and 29 degrees in the spots, and between 15 and 21 degrees over 1000 metres, while the winds are southwesterly weak, with a speed of between 20 and 30 km/h.

Thursday: The return of complete stability, the weather with little clouds, and the temperature rising and ranging between 20 and 28 degrees on the coast, 13 and 28 degrees in spots and between 16 and 25 degrees at the 1000 metres, while the winds are westerly weak, with a speed of between 20 and 30 km/h.


  • Sawt Beirut International