| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

LF Party to Basil: International sanctions were imposed against you because of your corruption

The media department of the “Lebanese Forces” party issued the following statement:

The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, held a press conference on Christian rights, in which he bid farewell to all people, to conclude that these rights are secured by placing them in the custody of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and that he entrusted him with the rights of Christians.

Given the importance of this text, which embodies completely the concept of political dhimma, we quote literally what Basil said: “Today, I want the help of a friend, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. I want him to be a judge and trustworthy on the matter, because I trust him and his honesty and trust him on the issue of rights”.

Commenting on all this, we state the following:

First, is it permissible for the head of the largest Christian bloc and who holds the presidency, to seek the assistance of Nasrallah and make him an arbiter on the issue of the government? What is the example that Basil gives? Does the decision belong to the weapon or the constitution?

Second, any Christian in Lebanon who possesses pride, dignity and magnanimity would accept that Nasrallah or others be entrusted with the rights of Christians?

Third, Mr. Gibran’s appeal to Mr. Hassan does not go out of the context of what the former has been bullying about the latter, starting with the acquisition of ministries and portfolios, all the way to disrupting the presidential elections to reserve them for his political team. His words came to confirm what is certain that he is using arms as a profession in order to seize positions in an open barter: We cover your weapons, you cover our role, our corruption, our interests and our deals.

Fourth, the strength and guarantee of Christians is the state, the constitution, and institutions, and their role and presence did not decline except after the emergence of the likes of Representative Basil, who are seeking strength abroad or illegal weapons in order to obtain special rights that have nothing to do with the rights of Christians, and so on, in a conspiracy beyond that, a conspiracy against the logic of the state and institutions.

Fifthly, if Mr. Bassil was keen on the rights of Christians and the Lebanese, the government would have been formed within 48 hours, but his concern is for his share, interests and gains at a time when Christians and the Lebanese people are dying of starvation and humiliation.

In the context of his same press conference, Minister Bassil attacked the “Lebanese Forces.” In this regard, it is necessary to respond to some of what he stated:

We realize that Mr. Bassil’s practice, which revealed the true meaning of reform and change and led the state to failure, the Lebanese to humiliation and poverty, and the nation to disaster, calls for a return to the past to cover its present failure.

Therefore, every tone of the rings is repugnant, misleading and fallen populist at a time when the whole world knows your direct theft from the state, and the international sanctions came against you because of your corruption and theft of people’s money and the state. This is only evidenced by fuel deals, maintenance contracts, gasoline, diesel, dams, ships and thousands of clientelist investments that contributed to Lebanon’s slide into Bottom of the bottom.

  • Sawt Beirut International