| 22 June 2021, Tuesday | النسخة العربية

LF’s Geagea addresses depositors

The Head of the “Lebanese Forces” Party, Samir Geagea, issued the following statement:

“In light of the financial crisis’ worsening as a result of the current authority’s inability to pull Lebanon out of this catastrophic crisis, and in the face of the authority’s forces violating the Constitution and red lines in an effort to keep their positions at the expense of people’s funds, and in the face of attempts to harm the mandatory reserve under the guise of subsidies that is all being smuggled to Syrian territories, while citizens, on the other hand, benefit from a lesser portion of the these subsidies that must be allocated using financing cards backed by grants or international loans. n consideration of what this authority can do with multilateral frameworks to seize people’s money, I urge all depositors in Lebanese banks to file reserve seizure petitions with the Banque du Liban’s competent enforcement departments, especially since these units began with licensing to those requesting to implement seizure on the mandatory reserve in order to safeguard the rest of your money and Lebanon’s financial future.”